• Interactive software for annotation and analysis of videos
  • Sample analyses and ready-made templates to facilitate teaching and learning about language, image and audio resources in videos
  • Visualization shows relative time for combinations of multimodal choices
  • Adaptable concepts and frameworks for systematic analysis and interpretation for critical thinking


  • Multimodal Analysis Video supports the following video formats: .mpg, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .flv and .m4v

Screen shots

• Project Window: to organise your media texts


• Library Window: to organise your frameworks for analysis


• Analysis Window: to analyse your videos according to speakers


• Visualization Window: to view your analysis from different angles



Students can actually analyse using a framework which serves as a good guide while teachers can use the finished product to explain the analysis in the light of the objective/question.

- Self-directional learning – Software environment more natural to students – Systematic

Enhance our critical thinking skills, allowing us to notice details that may not be seen at first glance.


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